Want to lower your score by 5 strokes in your next round?

tigerchip 257x300 Want to lower your score by 5 strokes in your next round?

The one place that golfers can improve thier scoring immediately is learning to chip the ball properly.  Time and time again, I hear golfers who are improving their full swing and hitting the ball better but their scores are not going down.   Learn to become a great chipper of the ball, and you will take 5 shots off your round and take some money fom your buddies.

Your short shots around the green are what turn a mediocre round into a great round.   Even the best ball-strikers in the world don’t hit every green in regulation.  That’s why chipping is a scoring weapon that you must master in order to break out of you plateau and reach your goals. When you are chipping well and feel confident around the greens, not only do you get up in down more often, but it makes a significant impact on your entire game. When you can stand in the fairway and be sure that you can get it up and down from anywhere, you will be amazed at how good your approach shots will be. This kind of confidence loosens you up and allows you to take dead aim at the flag, and swing freely.

To begin with, a chip is a low shot that lands just a few feet onto the green then rolls like a putt the rest of  the way to the hole.  It can be played with a variety of clubs, depending on how far the ball needs to roll once it hits the green.

So, to help you get some confidence around the green, I am going to give you a few tips on your set-up when chipping.   I will cover the actual stroke in my next short game article.

Chipping Setup-Weight left handle left.

This is the most important aspect of your chipping setup. To make consistent and crisp contact, you must strike the ball with a descending angle of attack with the club brushing the ground slighty ahead of the ball. Too many golfers try to help the ball up into the air and scoop or lean back through impact, addding loft to the club and either hitting behind the ball or on top of it.  Let the loft of the club do the work for you when making the stroke. To check this in your practice, look to the buttons on your shirt.

Try to make sure that the buttons on your shirt are ahead of the ball at address. This means you are leaning slightly forward and it will be easier to hit down and accelerate through impact.  One last note on your stance at address, keep your base narrow—less than the width of your shoulders, with about 90 % of your weight on your taget-side foot.

Ball and hand position

This is another checkpoint that will allow you to hit down and through your chips instead of scooping. Make sure that you’re ball position is center or slightly back of center. Then look at your hands, they should be ahead of the ball at address, in front of your target side let.  The shaft will tell you if you have achieved proper hand and ball position. It should be leaning towards the target.

Practice your setup in a mirror to make sure you are seeing and feeling the proper position.  This will allow you to
incorporate this setup into your game much quicker, and get you hitting your chips closer to the hole…maybe you will even knock a few in!

Hit ’em straight,


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