Are you ready for an amazing golf learning an playing experience?  COME STAY WITH US AND experience the IMPACT Golf School at the Home of the P.G.A Tour Qualifying School  and the #1 rated practice facility in the NATION! You can stay, learn, and play all at 1 amazing golf course and world renown practice facility.
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Once you arrive at Orange County National Golf Club and unpack your bags in your room at the lodge (on-site) at OCN, you will be ready for a complete golf experience that is second to none.  Everything you need is on-site at Orange County National so you won’t have to even get in your car once you get here (so you can focus on why you are here…GOLF!!!)

Lighted practice green and lodge

ocnlodging Orlando Golf School

The IMPACT GOLF SCHOOL  focuses our instruction on the aspect of the game that matter most…SOLID IMPACT!  Let’s face it, the fun of this game for most of us is hitting the ball in the center of the clubface, experiencing that PURE HIT,  and watching the ball fly long and straight toward the target.  

Our golf school is unique in the fact that we allow for individualism in the golf swing and that we don’t try to “undo” everything that you are currently doing with your golf swing.  We understand that there are many ways to swing the club and that each person has their own unique swing style based on their size, shape, and athletic ability. 

Here at the IMPACT Golf School we will work with the swing you currently have and put our focus on teaching you to strike the ball solidly in the sweet spot of the club time after time.  By the end of your experience with us, you will be hitting the ball more solid, and straighter than you ever have in your life and more importantly you will understand WHY you are hitting it more solid.  You will also understand our 3 keys to solid contact and have practice drills that you can take back home to further improve your IMPACT.  

You will also learn how to carry solid impact into the short game and putting, allowing you to experience amazing back-spin on your wedge shots, perfect distance control with your chipping, and NO MORE 3 putt greens.

The IMPACT Golf School offers completely customized golf school programs using state-of-the-art teaching technology and instructors certified by world renown golf coach Hank Haney.

 Offering schools that range from 1 to 5 days, we will provide you with the ultimate learning experience with low student to teacher ratios.

During your experience with us you will receive:

  • Low student to teacher ratios-All classes are taught by Shaun Webb
  • 6 full hours of golf instruction each day
  • Video of each student will be shot with before and after assesment.
  • Curriculum covering full swing, short game, course management and the mental game
  • 18 hole playing lesson each day
  • Unlimited range balls
  • Video of your experience will be provided so you will retain what you have learned
  • Fitness evaluation using TPI Model
  • Breakfast included each day

We look foward to helping you experience SOLID IMPACT one of our Orlando golf schools! 

Contact the academy for custom school rates and availability.  We have 1 more available week in January so book today to hold your spot!

Shaun Webb  321.946.7237 or

Below is a picture of the  42 acre 360 degree practice range at OCN

With perfect turf and new range balls, there is NO better place to work on your game!

ocnbigrangepic Orlando Golf School