Stop hitting your irons FAT

nov blog ball first Stop hitting your irons FAT

Let’s get right to the point-The good player hits the ground in front of the ball, the bad player hit the ground behind the ball.

I see it time and time again from golfers who are struggling with their irons…they try to help the ball in the air by scooping or flipping at the ball with their wrists.  Most of the time the reason they do this is because they don’t have the correct image in their mind of what they are supposed to be trying to achieve through the impact area.

The goal for those that struggle with fat irons  should be to start their divot forward of  the ball. If the divot starts past the ball, the clubhead will be traveling into impact at a descending or downward angle of attack, the shaft is going to lean slightly towards the target, and the club will make clean contact with the ball. All of these are the ideal impact conditions that create great iron shots. So from now on try to focus on starting your divot just past the ball, it might help you get rid of the dreaded scoop and have you on your way to hitting more solid, accurate iron shots.

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