Swing Efficiency-The most important factor to ball-striking

Swing Efficiency1 1024x447 Swing Efficiency The most important factor to ball striking

Where Is Your Game?

If you have tried “almost everything” and are still asking yourself these questions:

• How do I get more distance on my drives?

• How do I get rid of this slice?

• Why is my ball flight inconsistent?

• Why does my back hurt halfway through the round?

The Answers Will Surprise You!

FACT #1: Everyone is willing to share golf improvement tips and “quick fix” swing products to try to solve your problems.

FACT #2: Everyone’s body is different aswell as their swing. Refer to Fact #1 – that iswhy you need to develop the swing that is most efficient for your body.

FACT #3: To finally improve your game,you need to schedule a K-VEST assessment with me to finally stop guessing about the causes of your swing problems.

Fact #4:  If your instructor isn’t using 3D analysis such as the K-Vest, they are only GUESSING at the root problems of your swing faults.  It is impossible to gain this data from video alone.

The K-VEST System is designed to provide real-time visual feedback when you are in or out of the pre-set range in any area of your swing.   K-Vest’s wireless 3D technology captures your golf swing to more effectively diagnose the true cause of accuracy and distance issues.  A a certified K-Vest instructor I can accurately  analyze your swing and design a custom game improvement program specifically designed  to make you a more efficientball striker. Using the same technology the leading PGA and LPGA players use, the K-VEST system will report on the followingswing information.

SwingSequence(critical to accuracy)

SwingTiming(critical to accuracy)

RotationalVelocities(critical for distance)

When you arrive for the initial K-VEST session,  you will put on the vest, and within 60 seconds, your swing will quickly and accurately begin to be analyzed.  I can then  set up personalized motion range benchmarks for all of the key areas to begin creating your more efficientgolf swing.  Find out how posture, hip rotation,and upper body movement affect your ability to transfer energy into the golf club.

Biofeedback Using K-VEST

What K-VEST Incorporates to Accelerate learning and performance:

• Green/Red animation which providesreal-time visual feedback

• Audio tones reinforce correct movements

• Optimizes communication to accelerate the improvement process

• Helps eliminate unnecessary swingthoughts on the course

Biofeedback can be used to improve allaspects of you golf swing, including:

• Setup

• Backswing

• Top

• Impact

Call me at 321.946.7237 to schedule your initial K-Vest assessment so we can build your customized plan.  You will improved more quickly than you could ever imagine and the changes will last because they are based on sound bio-mechanics principles.


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