Driving range practice-Use a hitting station to improve

practice station golf1 Driving range practice Use a hitting station to improve How many people hitting balls at your driving range have clubs on the ground to assist their alignment as they practice?

Le me tell you, its a very small pecentage.  On the flipside, If you were to look at the driving range at a PGA Tour event, it would be a different story. Even the best players in the world use alignment rods and clubs on the ground to check and confirm proper alignment every time they practice.

The next time you head to the range for a practice session, create a proper hitting station. As pictured here, you will need two clubs or alignment sticks (the $2 ones from Home Depot work best) on the ground: one to line up your feet and one to check your ball position.

Because your toe line is parallel to your target line, aim the feet club a few yards left of your target. Lay the other club perpendicular to your toe line to ensure proper ball position. The smallest change  in ball position or alignment can cause disaster in your game, so make sure you are always checking these 2 crucial fundamentals.

I know you will start hitting it more consistently on the course once you become consistent with your alignment and ball position, so take the extra time and set this up the next time you practice.   You will love the results…

Hit ’em straight,


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