Golf’s moment of truth-QUALITY IMPACT…Do you know how to achieve it?

If you watch any PGA Tour event on television these days, you will notice that there are as many unique swings out there as there are players.  Take a look at Jim Furyk’s looping motion and you will realize that a picture perfect swing is not necessary to play great golf.  So what do these players with “unusual” swings have in common that allows them to hit flush irons next to the pin and drive the ball long and straight down the middle?

The answer is QUALITY IMPACT!  Take a look at any good ball-striker and you will see some amazing similarities…head behind the ball, weight transferred to front foot, hands ahead of clubface and back of left wrist facing the target.

An ofter overlooked aspect of golf instruction, impact is a skill that must be learned and practiced to master.  Most of the students I have taught over the years think that address and impact should look exactly alike.   This is absolutly WRONG!     Take a look at the video to the left featuring tour player Sean O’Hair in which I will walk you through his swing and point out  key areas as he arrives at impact.    Trust me, seeing in slow motion will open your eyes to what you should be doing at impact and will go a long way toward  improving your ball-striking.

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