Great coaches understand that playing great golf is about more than perfecting your golf swing.

Your decision to locate a competent golf coach means that you are ready to begin the journey of improving your game.  As a golf coach instead of an instructor/teacher  I have committed to providing golfers with an alternative to the traditional TEACHING paradigm within which golf professionals have unknowingly engaged in and perpetuated a flawed golf instruction model that has significant limitations:

So what does the typical golf teacher bring to the table?

  • The teaching of technical swing mechanics without sufficient understanding of the science of skill acquisition
  • Promoting unrealistic learning and performance expectations
  • Inconsistent and infrequent contact with students
  • Limited supervised practice opportunities
  • Lack of customized training to ensure the transfer of skills to the golf course
  • No understanding of the functioning of the body and how it dictates the swing
  • No accountability to results – shooting lower scores

Alternatively, as a golf performance coach my goal is to train the player using a holistic approach to improvement.   By implementing the 6 areas performance I create well rounded players that improve day after day, month after month, and year after year.

With my training  in  several key sport sciences (e.g., motor learning, motor performance, sport psychology) I provide quality, research-based golf coaching that goes well beyond the typical “band-aid” approach to instruction.

Science Based Coaching-Applying sport science disciplines in the coaching of golf

Student Based Learning-Focused on students learning, not “teaching” a method

Getting Results-Understanding that quality coaching leads to lower scoring

Continuous Improvement-Long term development that can withstand the pressures of golf at all levels

Are you ready to reach your goals?


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