Fitness and Flexibility-The Missing Ingredient

How many times have you stepped up to the tee, tried to make a big turn to hit a long drive and the ball went nowhere? The reason this happened was you swung outside your physical capabilities and your body was forced to make compenstaions to hit the ball.  This actually slows the club down, not speed it up as we would hope.

The secret to longer drives is effortless power. The only way to get effortless power is a tension-free full backswing, that unleashes the stored power  into the ball coming down into impact.

Every day when I teach golf I see golfers who struggle to make a full backswing.  They are so restricted in their turn that they slide their bodies to the right and lift their arms to the top of the backswing…a recipe for DISASTER.

All golfers should be focusing on stretching specific to your golf swing. If you don’t stretch, your golf muscles will get tight. Tight muscles are weak and ineffective.   What makes this especially difficult is that in some cases, my students cannot physically get into position to make and effective backswing.  For instance, if my student cannot make a reasonable amount of  torso rotation  at the top of the swing (Using K-Vest I can learn how much they are able to turn),  he/she will have difficulty attacking the ball on the proper path on the downswing.

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In these cases,  I will come up with a way to help the student get into a better position that day, but then build them a daily golf stretching program based.  As a TPI Certified Instructor, I build my student a customized program based on 12  physical screens that I put them through.

It’s amazing how much the students flexibility, backswing (and their ball-striking )improves after just a couple weeks of stretching.

The way I see it, you’ve got 2 choices moving forward. Continue on the path you’re currently on, and just accept the natural decline in your game, or…start stretching and see a resurgence in your swing, one loaded with power and consistency. Once you start, you’ll wish you had been doing it years ago, but it is never too late.  Take action and start TODAY!

Hit ’em straight,


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